Hello, and thanks for visiting my page. Right now my site is under construction as I brainstorm how I want it to look! Please be patient, I am working hard to get it up and running (and also getting ready to give birth, lol).

If you are interested in tutoring, know I am taking a short break for the semester in order to control my pre-eclampsia and spend some time with my bundle of joy! I will be resuming my tutoring after the holiday season, but space will be limited.

Is your child in need of after school tutoring? Are you looking to get the most value for your money while still getting a quality education? Wait and read what I have to say before you call a tutoring company!

Did you know when you select a well known tutoring "company", you are paying double, if not more for the services than what a standard private tutor would charge? This could range from $30 to $100 an hour or more!

Did you know most companies require you to pay weeks to months in advance? This amount could equal hundreds to thousands of dollars up front.

Did you know some of these companies require you to sign a contract? What happens if you are not satisfied with your services?

Did you know many "companies" don't have a standard curriculum, lessons, or structured learning plans that their tutors can utilize?

Did you know tutors decide their lesson plans, and most of the time, the administration does not guide and critique tutors progress with the student?

Did you know I have not been given a background check prior to being hired at my companies?

Did you know I had 1 company hire me via email? To this day, I have not seen their administration in person!

With me, you cut out the middleman, saving you money, while getting a more individual experience.

I have tutored more than 30 students, from 2nd grade up to 10th grade.

Topics include:
Reading Comprehension
Cause and Effect
Main Idea
Content Analysis
Character Development
Long Division
Graphing lines
Word Problems
American History
World History
Music Reading

Not only do I give each student an assessment, but I also analyze how they learn best. I tailor each lesson so that the student is maximizing their full potential. I pin point areas of weakness and focus on where the student needs help, all while keeping parents well informed.

I tutor throughout Pasco county and south Hernando county. If you have questions, please call me at 727-992-4274 or email me at trishelleblackwell@gmail.com